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Tandem Flights Miraflores | Tandem Flights Pachacamac


- Tandem flight involves a person flying with a pilot, during the whole flight.

- No experience needed. A simple briefing, a few steps and you are airborne, flying in a paraglider.

- Available for anyone, but minors must be accompanied by an adult.

- Tandem flights can make a useful introduction to our Beginner Pilot Course.


Our experienced and licensed pilots guarantee optimal safety standards. We use professional equipment and fly during the most suitable conditions, serving thousands of passengers, accident free.
Your safety is our most important concern!


Flying Site

1. Costa Verde’s cliff in Miraflores.
2. Pachacamac Valley in Lurin.


1.- Tandem Flights Miraflores



Experience the thrill of paragliding, with an expert pilot at the controls, over the beautiful Costa Verde’s cliff in Miraflores, city of Lima, Peru.




- The paragliding site is located in Raimondi's Park, next to “Parque del Amor”, 2nd block of Malecon Cisneros Avenue.


Flight Time


- Paragliding flight is 10 minutes long, flying between 80 and 180m.s.l.




- These flights can be done all year round, usually after midday, wind/weather permitting.

- We’ll keep you posted, on the day of your booking, if it is possible to fly and the best time to do it.

- Please, make sure you contact us prior to your flight to check conditions.


- The minimum wind speed and direction needed for paragliding is 8mph South in the winter and 12mph South in the summer.

- By clicking the link below, you can check current wind conditions.




- Use of all equipment: paraglider, harness and helmet.


Tandem Flight Miraflores Videos







When you go to the flying site, you must ask for MICHAEL or CRISTINA, in the administration booth, to get a DISCOUNT immediately.


2.- Tandem Flights Pachacamac


We do tandem flights in Pachacamac, from November to April, when there is not enough wind to fly in Miraflores.




• The flying site is located in the district of Lurin, 35km south of Lima.

• We take off from “El Manzano” mountain, 400m high and 6km of climbing up.

• We will fly over the valley of Pachacamac.


Flight Time


• Paragliding flight is around 15 minutes long, flying between 400 and 600m.s.l.




• We depart from Miraflores each morning at 9:30am.




• Use of all equipment: paraglider, harness and helmet.

• Transport to the flying sites. Tandem Flight Pachacamac






To make a reservation, please send us the next information:


• Name, age and weight.

• Phone or mobile number.

• Flight date.


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