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Publicity, as everyone knows, is the best way to promote products and services. When you use aerial publicity you can achieve the best cost-benefit ratio possible. By using a paramotor for your advertising, you reach more people in a shorter period of time.


Why use paramotor advertising?


The uniqueness of using a paramotor allows your name to stand out from your competitors, who may be using the average forms or aerial advertising.


With a pilot hanging from the wing where your brand or logo is located, people will be looking up in wonder. This, coupled with the slow speed of the paramotor, allows for a longer viewing time.


The wing of the paraglider has an area of 322.9 sq/ft (30 m2). Your logo is applied to the bottom of the wing where it is easily viewed while flying overhead.



We offer two forms of advertising


1.-Paramotor Flights, where we apply your logo to the bottom of our wings. We fly the specified number of flight hours, location and dates. This can be arranged for short term advertising campaigns.


2. - "Free Flight", flying over the Costa Verde in Miraflores. Your logo will be flown regularly on a wing of your choice for a period of 18 months. Our pilots fly daily (conditions permitting) on two different types of wings. One type of wing is used for tandem flights (452.1sq/ft) and the other type is used for aerobatics or demonstrations flights (322.9 sq/ft).



Elevate your product above the others!!



Aerial Photography

From a paramotor or free flight glider you can capture important details of streets, buildings, installations and other land sites. It is possible to take photographs with incredible artistic views not available from the ground. Paramotors are the one of the cheapest ways to take aerial photography.