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One Day Course | Beginner Pargliding Course


Aeroxtreme Paragliding School is recognized by the Peruvian Association of Free Flight (APVL) in Lima, Perú. Our professional and highly skilled instructor has over 27 years of paragliding experience. He will train you at a rate of progress that is suitable for you. The equipment we use for instruction are very safe and easy to fly. They are designed with the student in mind.


Our school is located in Miraflores, upscale district of Lima, known for its restaurants, shops and spectacular views of the vast Pacific Ocean; perfect and amazing landscape views for flying Paragliders over.


You can discover the sensation of what it's like to fly like a bird in a Tandem Paraglider or trying our One Day Paragliding Course. For those who know they want to soar like birds, start with our Beginner Paragliding Course.



One Day Paragliding Course


- You will experience paragliding flight in a simple and safe way.

- This course is designed to give you a good taste of paragliding. No experience required.

- You will learn the basics and fly on your own safely, a few feet above the ground.


This One Day Course includes


- 3 to 5 solo glides on a small dune in Lurín, 40 km south of Lima, guided by an instructor.

- Use of all equipment: paraglider, harness and helmet.

- Transport to the flying sites




- We depart from Miraflores each morning at 8:00am.




- Minimum Age: 14 years old (minors with parents signed permission)

- Regular physical ability.

- Hiking boots or sneakers and comfortable cloth.

- A lot of enthusiasm!


No Experience Needed!



Beginner Paragliding Course




This course is intended to teach you how to be a safe and confident pilot. We will teach you the basic paragliding techniques and some basics about meteorology and aerodynamic principles that will give you a good understanding about how a paraglider flies.


You will learn about flight equipment and the best way to care and use it. At the end of the course, the student will be able to make independent flights safely, under the supervision of an instructor, being able to identify the most suitable conditions for the flight.




- 6 to 8 classes which can be taken any day of the week.
- Use of all equipment: paraglider, harness, helmet and radio.
- Flight manual.
- Transport to the different flying sites.
- Aeroxtreme beginners training certificate to apply for a license in the APVL (Free Flight Peruvian Association)




In this course you will fly on your own safely, a few feet above the ground, on your first day! The initial classes will be developed during the mornings at 8:15am and the rest of them during the afternoons.

The first days we will go to a small dune in Lurin, 40 km south of Lima. Here you will make your first solo glides, under the supervision of an instructor, learning how to takeoff, steer and land a glider. With each short flight you will gain a feeling of safety and confidence in the air.


Next days, we will go up into the mountains in Pachacamac, 35 km south of Lima, to make high altitude flights, from 200m to 500m, and practice your new abilities.


Last classes will be made, depending on weather conditions, in Miraflores. Here, paragliding tandem flights with an instructor, will be used to give you greater understand about the basic paragliding techniques. Then, you will make practice of inflation and control (called kiting) of the paraglider on the ground.


This course can be signed up for at any point in the year and may be subject to some changes depending on the weather conditions.




- Minimum Age: 14 years old (with parents signed permission).

- Regular physical ability.

- Hiking boots or sneakers and comfortable cloth.

- A lot of enthusiasm!




To make a reservation, you can send us the next information:


- Name, age and weight.

- Phone or mobile number.

- Booking date.




Paragliding is safe as long as the limitations of the pilot and equipment are known and respected.


"Over 27 Years of Paragliding Experience"